Violence in close relationships

Violence in close relationships is more common than you think. Are you female, male, an adolescent or a child and restricted in your life or are you in other ways feeling used or humiliated by someone close to you? It could be a partner, parent, child, relative etc. There’s help for you!

A relationship must be based on mutual respect. No one should have to tolerate abuse, physical or psychological. Children who witness violence in their families are mistreated and suffer.

Research shows that mainly women are the victims of physical violence. It’s important to report to the police so that the man will stop hitting, understands that he has done wrong, but also for him to get help.

Both the one who is the victim of violence, and the one who perpetrates violence have the right and the possibility to receive help, irrespective of gender, background, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, addiction problems or disability. It is never too late to break negative patterns.

What is violence in a close relationship?

Violence in close relationships includes every kind of relationship between relatives, like heterosexual couples, homosexual couples, sibling relations, parent- and child relations and other family relations.

Violence is every action that results in physical, sexual or mental injury or suffering, restraint or threats of such deeds.

Physical violence: All kinds of physical action that injures and causes physical pain.

Psychological violence: Aggrieving with words and actions, direct threat of physical violence and violent consequences, indirect threat of for example suicide or threat directed to another relative, a pet or property. Limitation of the freedom of movement is also psychological violence.

Sexual violence: When someone is forced to take part in or witness sexual actions against his or her will.

Material violence: Aggression that is directed to and destroys material artefacts both in and outside the home, that creates anxiety and fear. Limitations of financial space, for example to not be allowed to have your one money are also material violence.

Latent violence: Intense anger and aggression that is suppressed and shows in body posture and expression, and that give rise to fear.

Violence and oppression related to honor:

  • Threat of- or marriage against your will
  • Restraint to deny your sexuality or sexual orientation
  • Do you feel that you cannot live by your own thoughts, feelings and opinions, and that they conflict with the ones of your family?


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